Seducing Philly

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Escaping prison might not have been an option, but escaping him would turn out to be impossible. 

Nobody would have thought a degree in Criminal Psychology would end up with her behind bars, on death row of all things. It was his fault if he hadn't have been so damm... Nope, she wasn't going to think about the brute of a man that thought he was good enough to flirt with her. He's the most infuriatingly lazy and self-assured man she'd even met, and now she was stuck in this cruel and callous hellhole.

He might not be a knight in shining armor, but where did she get off thinking she's so much better than him? If he just had an hour alone with her, he could correct her behavior, and the world would thank him. Not violently, obviously. There are much more effective ways of bringing haughty women down to their knees. The problem is that just the thought of putting Miss Sophia in her place because that was an idea that he could not afford to entertain if they were to get through this catastrophe alive.