Signed/ Personalised Composing Sins Paperback

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When Andrew Schwarzman, world-renowned classical music cellist crashes head-on into up and coming rap artist Larkin Jackson dark streets of Manhattan. As Larkin pulls the 31-year-old Manhattan billionaire from his mangled wreck, she discovers darkness within him. His anger, arrogance and cocaine addiction threats all that he is and as the paparazzi close in it will be a day that Andrew Schwarzman will never forget as Larkin not only saves his life but saves him from himself. 

Drawn to his darkness, Larkin can’t stop herself from helping the stranger that almost killed her. His smell, his touch and his plea to be saved lands her in a whole new world of sex, money and dark desires. Can the young woman from Harlem survive the tormented inner demons of Schwarzman without losing herself in the process? Their lives go together like two discordant notes that create perfect harmony.