A different city every night, a new love every day, but there is only one thing that connects them, me. I watch them. They don’t know it, but I know their secrets. I know every word of seduction, every intimate touch, and I recorded it all.

My intention was never to make them feel as if they were being stalked. I want to help them find the one to meet Their needs. Not just the matters of the heart. The one that makes them want more, to take them places they never thought were possible. The one that they have always fantasized about. The one they read about. The desires that push down for years. Think of me as their fairy godfather of the sexual kind. 

Book 1 – Seducing Austin

Book 2 – Seducing Philly

Book 3 – Seducing Vegas

Book 4 – Wall St

Book 5 – Seducing The Captiol

Book 6 – Seducing Chicago

Book 7 – Seducing Savannah

Coming 2024

Book 8 – Seducing Seattle

Coming 2024

Book 9 – Seducing San Francisco

Coming 2024

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