Below you can find J.F. Lowe’s reading order of all of her series! You can also download the printable reading order.

Seduction In The City World:

Book 1:  Seducing Austin

Book 2:  Seducing Philly

Book 3:  Seducing Vegas

Book 4:  Seducing Wall Street

Book 5:  Seducing The Capitol

Book 6:  Seducing Chicago

Wickedly Yours Series

Book 1:  Wickedly Innocent

Book 2:  Wickedly Covert

Book 3:  Wickedly Yours

Masters of Highclere:

Book 1:  A Sailors Daughter

Book 2:  Coxswains Cuffs

Book 3:  Returning to Highclere

Book 4:  Medical Ménage

Masters of Highclere Forbidden Stories (Standalone)

Love Games:

Book 1:  Married Games

Book 2: Revenge Games

Book 3:  Sinful Games

Connor (can be read as a standalone)

Protecting Her Innocence (Standalone)

Jealous  – Not Me! (Standalone)

Music Is Sin – Duo

Book 1:  Composing Sins 

Book 2:  Recording Sins

Tis The Season For Romance – Anthology

Caught Under The Mistletoe – Anthology

Road to Love Series (Coming 2024)

Broken Love

Departed Love

Forbidden Love

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